The characters, organizations, businesses, and information depicted in the #trolling4justice writings are fictitious, any resemblance to any individual, organization, or business, alive or dead,(especially those humans of the corporate personhood persuasion) is merely: coincidence, satire, trolling, all of those, some of those, or potentially none of those, depending on the circumstance and necessity by the author.

Further, by reading this article, clicking on this page, and/or thinking about the contents contained herein, you agree that you, any organization you work for, act as an agent of, or contracted through any third party, and/or organization/Individual you share this article with understand the information and fictitious narrative contained herein is both satire and fair use, under the laws of the United States and any state laws that most generally support the author’s views (to be defined by the author at a later date).

Additionally, by viewing this article, you agree that you, any organization you represent, are an agent of, etc… (defined by the author at a future date,) waive any right to any legal action in any forum, including but not limited to, The People’s Court, Maury Povich Show, etc.

Should such an legal action occur, you and/or any organization that you act as an agent (again as defined by the author, at a later date) agree to waive any right to jury trial, representation and/or damages while stipulating that in filing any such action, in any forum, you will provide the author an annuity that allows the author to live comfortably (as defined by him, at a later time) for the rest of his and/or his descendants’ natural lives (again, defined later).

Provided further, that any language/Words/Verbiage used in this article/disclaimer or any other place that refers to this article is subject to the sole interpretation/definition by this author, including but not limited to definitions of words, even if those words are defined and/or interpreted in such a way as to directly contradict their normal, dictionary and/or common legal meaning and/or interpretation in any forum prior to the author’s usage, to be elaborated on at a future time, at the sole discretion of the author.

Finally should any part of this agreement and/or disclaimer be found, in any forum, to be invalid, you, the reader, any organization you represent, etc…blah…blah… blah… stipulate any such ruling to be non-binding and in violation of the stipulated agreement contained herein, thus triggering the annuity, under contract law most generously agreeable to the author’s view (to be outlined/defined/considered later).

Should any circumstance triggering the annuity occur, you agree that you will tweet:

I got served for being an asshole!

at least once a month for the rest of your natural life (as defined by the author).

Now that this unnecessary, completely binding and one-sided legal agreement (otherwise known as industry standard) has been agreed to, I hope you enjoy.


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