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After I read Andre G’s response to my article regarding the Cosby Lynching, I considered not replying. However, after rereading it, I realized Andre’s response wasn’t motivated from a bigoted place of anger or hate, but rather ignorance. Based on his article’s numerous ad hominem attacks unsupported by any objective or relevant facts, it’s clear he’s approaching the Cosby Lynching from a witch-hunting “me too” mentality, rather than doing any independent critical analysis of the facts and reaching his own conclusions. This type of “me too” groupthink is very prevalent when discussing uncomfortable subjects. Andre isn’t the first person to adopt a false story at face value, only to find out later it was a lie.

While I don’t take offense to any of Andre’s misguided conclusions, he never challenged any of the following facts contained in my article, with the exception that it’s clear he believes Cosby is guilty.

  1. Multiple credible scientific studies conclusively show men are sexually assaulted by women at nearly the same rate that women are sexually assaulted by men. These studies destroy the false rape culture narrative purported by intersectional and radical feminists.
  2. Many of Cosby’s rape accusers have criminal records, mental health issues, or were drug users.
  3. Women rapists are often not charged for their crime…and when they are, their sentences are far lighter than men convicted of exactly the same act. Is this rape culture? hmm…
  4. Illegal party drug culture back then was far more socially acceptable than it is today.

Women who allege being raped without any evidence support their story should be rightly questioned. Here’s why:

Duke Lacrosse: In 2006, A stripper alleged she was gang-raped by college athletes. There was a national outcry as the public crucified the alleged rapists…only to find out later the stripper’s rape story was a lie. The players eventually sued over the false rape accusations and won. I know it’s shocking a stripper would be dishonest, but it happened.

Mattress Girl: Emma Sulkowitz accused a male college student of rape. It was investigated and later found she had a consensual sexual relationship with her alleged rapist and she pursued him…not the other way around. When the college and the police let everyone know she lied, Sulkowitz started carrying around a mattress in protest…in true Austin Powers fashion. Later, Sulkowitz doubled down on her embarrassment and made a porn video, released on the internet, “reenacting” her false rape claim. This young man eventually sued over it.

Wanetta Gibson: This woman falsely accused Brian Banks of rape. On her lie alone, he was imprisoned. Brian had been awarded a scholarship to USC for football and her rape lie shattered his dreams. She later admitted her lie and Banks was exonerated. Now in an act of humanity, multiple NFL teams are giving him a shot to try out for a spot.

Kobe Bryant: This NBA player was accused of rape and criminally charged…only to have his accuser refuse to testify. It turns out, his accuser was in a committed relationship at the time and cheated on her boyfriend with Kobe.

Brooklyn Gang Rape Claim: Last month a woman and her father accused five young men of raping her in a park. However, it turns out the father and the men had consensual group sex with the woman and the charges against the men were dropped.

Kesha: Kesha falsely claimed Dr. Luke raped her in order to get out of a music contract. However, she previously stated while under oath…on video… Dr. Luke never drugged her or made any sexual advances toward her.

These are just a few examples of the many false rape accusations out there. What do they have in common with Cosby? Just like Cosby, each of these men was witch-hunted and lynched (Metaphor: See Below) in the national press before all the facts were known. In each case…the “rapist” was found innocent or exonerated.

Now I’ll address Andre’s article directly.

Regarding Andre’s Black Men Conspiracy Theory: While there may be blacks who may feel compelled to defend Cosby, I’m not one of them. I’m not black…I’m Latino. Additionally, my article doesn’t address any conspiracy theories, whether legitimate or not. This appears to be a reframe on Andre’s part in a desperate effort to dismiss the valid reasons to support Cosby.

Regarding the Lynching metaphor: Clearly Andre doesn’t understand the term “metaphor.” If he did, he wouldn’t so desperately attempt to reframe my lynching reference so literally. What he’s missing here is that minorities are far more likely to get charged and convicted of crimes than Caucasians…despite the fact that Caucasians commit the same types of crimes at roughly equal rates as minorities across the country. Yet, they are charged far less, and even when convicted…their sentences are far lighter than those of minorities. Further, how much damage have these false rape claims cost Cosby? My guess is that it’s millions of dollars…or more than many people will earn in their lifetime. In that context, lynching is an extremely appropriate metaphor and I stand by it.

Let’s look at Andrea Constand’s credibility. Out of the 50+ women who’ve accused Cosby of rape…hers is the only one in which Cosby’s been criminally charged. Here’s undisputed facts of this case, as we know them so far.

At the time of the alleged assault, In January 2004, Constand was in a committed sexual relationship with another woman and had known Cosby since 2002. However, after the assault, she continued to associate with Cosby and took her parents to meet Cosby at a show in August 2004. There is no publicly available evidence that Constand ever disclosed her sexual encounter with Cosby to her girlfriend prior to August 2004.

The problem here is there’s zero evidence to corroborate Ms. Constand’s allegations. The testimony she provides is of an event that supposedly occurred while she was “semi-conscious.” Yet, her memory was intact. This whole scenario raises some very important and troubling questions: If she was in a committed relationship, why didn’t she tell her significant other of this horrific rape? Why didn’t she immediately report this to the police?

It wasn’t until January 2005…almost a year later…she opened a criminal case with the police against Cosby. Shortly after the criminal investigation started, the prosecutor decided in February 2005 not to press charges, because there wasn’t enough evidence.

In March 2005…Constand filed a civil suit against Cosby. Given the short time period(around two months) between the criminal case and the civil one, the criminal case may have been filed to support the civil one. Her civil testimony wasn’t a frightened woman recounting being victimized by a violent rapist to prosecutors. It was a story told after being well-rehearsed and prepped by her attorney during a lawsuit Constand filed to extort money from Cosby.

The other “Victims”:

Those few cases that were reported to the police lacked credibility to charge Cosby. Further, every one of Cosby’s alleged rape victims has lawyered up. Many of them are represented by the same lawyer…Gloria Allred…who keeps screaming in the press for Cosby to waive his defenses so she can sue him. This, of course, will give Allred a huge payoff if the case settles. So she and her clients have a huge financial motive to continue harassing Cosby in the press, especially since Cosby’s worth over $350 millon dollars.

So unless someone presents some real evidence, rather than unsubstantiated ghost stories alone…don’t believe the hype…it’s a sequel.

Now Cosby has started suing everyone involved in his witch-hunt in an effort to clear his name and hold his accusers accountable for their greed. If he’s innocent…I hope he wins.