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When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth

Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of the Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1890)

In 2001, the 9/11 Terrorist attack of New York, killed over 3000 Americans. In the attack, two airliner jets crashed into the World Trade Center, causing massive damage. For purposes of this article, you now have the relevant background necessary to move forward.

In December 3, 2006, the Aero-News Network reported:

A new “uninterruptible” autopilot developed by Boeing and patented in Canada purportedly flies and lands the aircraft in case the crew is incapacitated… …once initiated, the system may not be disengaged by anyone aboard the aircraft… …Once engaged, Boeing’s system will accept directions from ground-based controllers…

December 4, 2006, The Homeland Security Newswire reported:

Not only is it “uninterruptible”… … but it can be activated remotely via radio or satellite by government agencies…

That was over seven years ago.

On March 18, 2014 the New Straits Times reported:

Investigators poring over MH370’s flight data said the jetliner had descended to an altitude of 5,000 feet, or even lower, to evade commercial radar detection.

Further, reporters leased SimFlightKL’s flight simulator at Subang Skypark to determine if Flight 370 could have used terrain masking to fly under radar. They stated:

With the guidance of several instructors, we replicated what is known of MH370’s flight path.

Switching to manual flight control with a click of a switch on the sidestick controller, we took the jetliner down to as low as 80 feet in some parts, hugging the terrain.

Captain Amin, the director at SimFlightKL, said flying the plane low enough to avoid radar was entirely possible.

“The person would have really needed to have done his homework. But, if he referred to (topographical) maps, it is possible. For airplanes like the 777-200, terrain maps are available.”

Remember, the “pilots” who used the simulator were news reporters… not seasoned pilots. Granted, the reporters had help from lots of flight instructors, but according to the article, the team of reporters were actually the ones doing the flying.

Let’s recap.

No wreckage has been found of Malaysian Flight 370. Therefore one cannot assume it crashed. Assuming it crashed, without credible evidence, is an baseless conspiracy theory.

However, once one looks at the known facts, it is completely reasonable to conclude the plane could have been easily remotely hijacked, with no participation from anyone onboard. Once hijacked, it could have been remotely flown under the radar to avoid detection and landed anywhere in the world.

What makes this conclusion seem more plausible is on March 26, 2014, The Straits Times reported the Flight 370 passengers relatives were notified of the existence of sealed evidence that investigators are not willing to disclose. The evidence included:

…air traffic control radio transcript, radar data, and airport security recordings…

What is embarrassing is that major media, including Fox News and CNN, completely straight faced, reported about premonitions of psychics and theorizing that the plane could have gone into a black hole.

The Daily Mail published an article asking if the plane disintegrated.

Hundreds of people missing and major news reporting baseless conspiracy theories is irresponsible, at best.

Fortunately, media is starting to sober up and the families are justifiably furious. The families have hired Ribbeck Law firm out of Chicago to file a court petition against Malaysia Airlines and Boeing Company requesting 26 kinds of information about the circumstances around the disappearance. Some see this as a precursor to a wrongful death lawsuit.

My heart goes out to the families of those missing on Malaysian Flight 370, I hope they are able to find out what happened to their loved ones.

What adds insult to injury is that weeks have passed since these people disappeared… major news outlets have budgets of Billions of dollars and focused their reporting on baseless speculation. Yet anyone with a laptop, an internet connection, and the opposable thumbs necessary to conduct a Google search, could locate the facts above.

If major media reported on just the known facts surrounding Flight 370’s disappearance, how much closer would the world be to locating Malaysian Flight 370 and the 200+ missing passengers onboard.

Since major media has focused reporting baseless speculation and unfounded conspiracy theories, how much other fact based news are we missing?