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Disclaimer: Translations via Google Translate.

Regardless of where they work, the life of a police officer is hard. They do a job where they often risk their lives to protect others and themselves. While I don’t always agree with their decisions, I do respect that, objectively, their job is dangerous.

Police officers are people like you and me. They’re husbands who love their wives; wives who love their husbands; fathers and mothers who parent their children; sons and daughters who try to make their parents and families proud.

They’re active members of their communities who have chosen a career where death is a possibility… each and every day.

Yet, when I heard of the violence in Ukraine, like the rest of the world, I was infuriated.

I was infuriated that innocent people were being brutalized by armed thugs with clubs and other weapons, while using false propaganda to demonize them. The whole time, these predators portrayed innocence.

Shortly after the Euromaidan protests started, on December 13, 2013, the names and birthdays of Ukrainian Law enforcement officers were published on a website called ord-02.com. This information was published under the (Google) translated title “ORD 02: repost!! List of Employees “Berkut” suspected of beating children on November 30 Evromaydane

The reason this information was published? It was because, according to many media outlets, the Ukrainian Police brutally beat unarmed protesters in the Maidan Square on November 30, 2013 – December 1, 2013

On November 30, 2013 CBC News published an article on the Euromaidan protesters with the following picture.

Here’s a quote from that article:

It was horrible. We were holding a peaceful demonstration and they attacked us. They threw us away like garbage.  – Protester Lada Tromada

On December 1, 2013, the Telegraph, reported that protesters were attacking police with chains, petrol bombs and other weapons.

Here are some images from that report:

Fire Bombs:

They even had a tractor:

Below is a protester hurling a lethal sized stone. Take notice of the gas mask. These protesters were prepared for tear gas:

Remember, the above photos were taken on November 30, 2013 and December 1, 2013 by CBCNews and the Telegraph.

These protesters were not peaceful… they were not unarmed.

This narrative is further debunked by firsthand reporting from Vice.

Their reporter arrived in Kiev on December 3, 2013, and obtained video footage demonstrating the protesters were not unarmed. They were wearing helmets, faces covered. They were armed with riot shields and clubs. From the beginning, the Euromaidan forces barricaded the Maidan square to bar entry. The Protest leaders also had their own internal security militia, who wore face masks to hide their identity.

Vice interviewed protester Natalka Neshevets, on December 4, 2013. The reporter went to the Kiev City hall, which was occupied by Euromaidan protesters. She admitted the protesters who occupied city hall, were “well equipped for attacking.”

The Euromaidan protesters were clearly armed.

On December 7, 2013, Ukrainian Police Colonel PhD Galina Zaporozhtseva was interviewed by Zavtra.ru. She stated 91 police officers had been injured. The article also stated (Per Google Translate):

…the families of police officers forced to fear for his life. “Threaten wives, children, tensions around the hostel” Berkut “in Kiev. There’s some lists with telephone numbers and addresses of employees, their families…

… now their families and children in need of protection.

The Article also stated that a Berkut Officer named Dmitry Perinsky did an interview with local news on May 5, 2013, regarding his police unit getting attacked on Maidan Square by unknown persons with chains.

The violence against police was occurring as early as May 2013.

On December 8, 2014, Lenta-ua.net reported:

Families of police officers feared for their lives, said police colonel, PhD Galina Zaporozhtseva.

– Threaten wives, children, tensions around the hostel “Berkut” in Kiev. There’s some lists with telephone numbers and addresses of employees, their families, – she said.

Began to receive threats after the clashes of protesters and law enforcement officers at dawn on November 30 at the Independence Square.

She believes that it is unacceptable because “police special forces troops have acted based on the situation.

On January 23, 2014, it was reported on Profi-Forex.org that Berkut officers were evacuating their families from Kiev. A kindergarten teacher asked to be excused from work because the Berkut were evacuating their families.

The article also states:

 …as previously reported, the social networks have been repeated calls for radical users pursue not only special forces Berkut fighters, but all their relatives.

One Ukrainian Police officer returned home to this:

This picture was posted on January 28, 2014 to a Live Journal account by a family member.

On the 19th of February 2014 the Euromaidan admitted that unnamed persons friendly with the movement had obtained names, addresses and phone numbers of the Berkut and other police forces.

Right after the Coup government took power, the families of Ukrainian police officers that were able, fled and sought asylum in Russia and Belarus, because of fears of persecution.

The witch hunt continued…

On March 3, 2014, NewsEurope reported the families of Berkut officers plead for help to protect them from constant humiliation, bullying and threats:

In recent months, we all live in dread for ourselves, our husbands and children. Constant threats, bullying and fear turned our lives into a nightmare.

Many were forced to quit work; children are persecuted in schools

According to NewsEurope:

… they beat up a 60-year-old father of one woman…

 A child was walking with a dog, and they broke the dog’s paw with a bludgeon before the child’s eyes. This is a nightmare …

There are several wounded boys, one was very severely beaten, he has fractures, but he is afraid to go to a hospital, because they can catch him directly in the hospital…

This is the democracy U.S Tax payer dollars funded?

Let’s recap… using confirmed and verified facts this time (this is known as reality):

Armed and violent protesters, who claimed to be peaceful, incited Ukrainian police, got beaten for their troubles, then claimed police brutality. Then the protesters threatened the police officers’ wives, children and other family members.

After the protesters successfully staged their coup, they continued to persecute, witch-hunt and brutalize these families.

And no one will stop them…

Let me tell you how this would’ve went down in the United States.

Armed protesters would have showed up ready for a fight, as seen in the first picture above.  The cops would have commanded the protesters to drop their weapons. If the protesters did not comply, American cops would have shot them dead where they stood…

…end of story.