SJWs Aren’t Civil Rights Advocates

This is going to be a bitter pill for some to swallow. However, it needs to be said and it’s long overdue.

When civil rights first became a movement in the 1950s and the 1960s…it wasn’t a broad issue movement. This civil rights movement was initiated by African Americans to confront the many racial injustices their communities suffered. African Americans started to protest against racial segregation, societal disenfranchisement, racially motivated violence, and financial exploitation.

These issues were so severe that even non African Americans who associated with them were targeted with the same bigotry blacks faced.

While there were some notable exceptions, the majority of the protests were peaceful and non-violent. These often took the form of sit-ins, freedom rides on buses, marches, and voter registration drives to increase African American voter turnouts. Generally, the three main goals of these actions were as follows: Firstly, the ending of segregation. This didn’t just include segregation in communities generally…but segregation in all aspect of American life…from riding buses, to college campuses and everything in between. Until this time period, there were businesses that refused to serve the African American community and many even barred them from their premises. Secondly, they worked to end racially motivated violence. African Americans were violently targeted for the crime of speaking out against racism. However, it went even further than that. The racial violence was so commonplace that it seemed like any issue an African American spoke in favor of was often met with violence. Finally, they worked for equality of opportunity for African Americans when it came to employment and other financial matters…such as purchasing a home.

While some African Americans did hate white people, many civil rights leaders of the time realized that without the buy in of white America, the African American civil rights movement would fail. Like today, white America outnumbered blacks five to one. In fact, the only reason that the civil rights movement during this time succeeded is because African Americans and whites found common ground and worked together to end the bigotry that minorities in the United States were facing.

Fast forward to today.

We’re a nation just as divided today as we were in the 1950s and 1960s.  Racism is just as strong today as it was over 50 years ago…and it shows no signs of going away. However, this time…it’s different.

Instead of whites being racist against minorities and people of conscience coming together to oppose it, people of conscience have been deluded to the point where now they oppose each other.


It’s because Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have become just as bigoted as the most extreme elements of white racism. Instead of peaceful protests and keeping the moral high ground in their protest actions…SJWs are showing up to rallies with violent mobs armed with weapons and improvised bombs for the express purpose of destroying public institutions and committing unprovoked acts of violence against white people and heterosexuals who disagree with them.

Instead of finding common ground to oppose bigotry…Social Justice Warriors have divided the civil rights movement more than white racists ever could. As a result…white racists sit back and laugh as the SJW movement continues to cannibalize and destroy itself.

SJWs did this through the creation of a systemic victim olympics to divide themselves within their movement by their perceived oppression. It’s gotten so bad that white civil rights activists that oppose racism are being targeted for hatred by minority civil rights activists. Male feminists who oppose misogyny are getting targeted by female feminists. Healthy social justice warriors are being targeted by disabled social justice warriors.

Then there’s the trans movement within the SJW movement. Even though there is zero support in biology for mammals being born the wrong sex. Regardless, the Trans movement has taken hold. Biology has long told us that gender is determined by DNA. However, the trans movement thinks that gender can be changed whenever someone feels like it. It’s gotten so ridiculous that now people are thinking they are cats instead of humans. A middle aged man thinks he’s a six year old girl. Even more insane is the subgroup within this group who thinks that there are more than two genders. Perfectly healthy people are now calling themselves transabled…with some even inflicting horrific injuries on themselves because they feel they should be disabled. We now even have people who believe their transracial…like Rachel Dolezal a caucasian woman who thinks she’s African American.

While any rational person would think this insane…they’d be right. Psychologists have long known this was the mental illness of body dysmorphic disorder…a form of delusion. Yet, governments are now passing laws to enable these mental illnesses even further.

More frightening is the realization that social justice warriors support the same bigoted beliefs of white supremacists. They want segregation in the form of safe spaces in college campuses and elsewhere…just like white supremacists. They’ve targeted people outside their subset within the social justice movement…including interracial relationships…just like white supremacists. They’ve targeted whites for unprovoked violence and discrimination…just like white supremacists targeted minorities. Finally, they’ve targeted anyone who disagrees with them by attempting to censor their freedom of speech…just like white supremacists have tried in the past. Social justice warriors want equality of outcomes…not equality of opportunity. However, history demonstrated a long time ago that this is impossible. It’s been tried with communism and horribly failed.

It’s time to return to sanity and stop the Social Justice Movement from further destroying civil rights even further. Civil Rights Activists of conscience know that in order to oppose bigotry, we need to find a common ground of ethical people of all races and walks of life to stand together to oppose bigotry wherever we find it…whether it’s neo nazis, or social justice warriors.

If we don’t…our society will suffer for it.


Was Ben Keita Lynched?

The Everett Herald reported on Monday, January 9, 2017, the Lake Stevens, Washington Police Department found a dead body in a wooded area near the 600 block of 89th Drive Southeast in Lake Stevens. The following day, January 10, 2017, the coroner identified the body as African American Muslim teenager, 18 year old Ben Keita. The coroner quickly ruled Ben’s death as a suicide.

While Ben’s body had been found hanged, the coroner stated there were no other injuries.

Ben’s family lived less than three blocks away from where his body was found, on the 8900 block of 8th Street Southeast. He was the second of four children. He was last seen on the Morning of November 26, 2017 wearing a gray and blue hoodie, gray sweat pants, and blue and gray shoes. He’d left his car, his phone, and his wallet at home and didn’t use social media.

Shortly after Ben disappeared, his family reported him to the Lake Stevens Police Department and the search began. At the time of his disappearance, Ben was a registered high school student in the Lake Stevens School District in the district’s Running Start program attending Everett Community College in Everett, Washington. He worked at the local Lake Stevens McDonald’s.

When Ben’s body was found, he’d been missing for almost two months.

Once the coroner ruled Ben’s death a suicide, his family protested. While Ben was taking prescription medication for a health condition, he had no history of anxiety or depression. His father, Ibrahimi Keita, described Ben as a very happy young man.

Further, the area where Ben’s body was found had been searched weeks before by the police using K-9 units and his body wasn’t found. In fact, the Everett Herald reported that Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue had gone through the forested areas near Ben’s home at least twice and found no sign of his body. When Ben’s body was finally found hanging…the rope used to hang him had been tied 50 feet high in the tree branches.

Given the suspicious circumstances, a coalition led by the Washington Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations contacted the FBI and requested they investigate this as a possible hate crime. Kiro 7 news interviewed Reverend Kele Brown of Plymouth Congregational Church of Seattle who stated: “We are careful not to rush to judgment,”… “Historically lynchings were often deemed quickly as suicide without the benefit of thorough inquiry.”

When interviewed, Arsalan Bukhari, the executive director Washington Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations told KIRO 7: “We just want to make sure that the expertise, the experience and the human resources of the FBI are brought to make sure everything is comprehensively investigated, no stone is left unturned.”

Even more concerning is that Keita’s family states there were discrepancies in the Lake Stevens police investigation…including the fact the police failed to interview at least four of Ben’s co-workers at McDonald’s before the police stopped their investigation.

The Seattle office of the FBI released the following statement to KIRO 7 News:  “(the FBI) is communicating with our police partners. We are aware of circumstances of the individual’s death and will review them with consideration of federal law. If warranted, we may conduct further investigation. A review does not necessarily result in the opening of an investigation.”

As a result, the Lake Stevens police have now decided to keep Ben’s case open. After pressure from the family and community activists, the coroner changed his findings from suicide to undetermined.

Ben’s body has been sent to the Washington State Crime Lab for further investigation.

This is a deeply disturbing case. The wooded area where Ben’s body was found was very close to both an elementary school and adjacent to a thriving suburban neighborhood. That wooded area isn’t very large and it was searched…multiple times…with K-9 units…they never found any sign of his body…the dogs never picked up his scent.

It appears someone may have placed his body there after the searchers gave up. This, when combined with the Keita family’s concern the Lake Stevens Police Department may not have done a thorough investigation, raises a lot of red flags. With hate crimes against Muslims on the rise across the nation and minorities and immigrants being targeted for harassment, Ben Keita’s death deserves a lot more attention than its received so far.

The FBI Validates the Need for the BLM Movement

Innocent African Americans and other minorities have been falsely arrested, beaten, and killed by racist cops across America. The Black Lives Matter movement was founded to oppose this racist violence and false criminalization. While it’s faced criticism on a variety of fronts…it’s clear that the BLM movement is necessary to preserve, defend, and reestablish civil rights in the United States.

Mapping Police Violence is a collaborative research effort that collects data on nationwide police killings to determine the impact on communities. They report that in 2015, police murdered at least 102 unarmed African Americans. This is about 2 murders a week. In fact, nearly 1 in 3 African Americans killed by police were unarmed. While African Americans make up on 13% of the American population…unarmed African Americans accounting for 37% of police killings in 2015. In 2015, they’re killed at five times the rate as unarmed whites. Yet, officers were criminally charged in less than 10% of these killings. Only less than 2% of these officers were convicted.


It’s because white supremacists have infiltrated and co-opted police departments around the country with the help of the FBI.

The FBI admits its known that white supremacists and other domestic extremists have been infiltrating law enforcement for a long time. In 2006, The FBI, published the FBI “White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement Report.

While heavily redacted, it finds:

White Supremacist groups have historically engaged in strategic efforts to infiltrate and recruit from law enforcement communities…

White Supremacist presence among law enforcement personnel is a concern due to the access they may possess to restricted areas vulnerable to sabotage and to elected officials or protected person whom they could see and potential targets for violence….

The intelligence acquired through the successful infiltration of law enforcement by one white supremacist group can benefit other groups due to the multiple allegiances white supremacists typically hold.

White supremacist police officers even have their own term for themselves. In late 2004, the FBI learned these officers were called “Ghost Skinsin the white supremacist community. This term is used to describe racists who avoid overt displays of racism to blend into society and advance white supremacist causes. They’re told to act as double agents by offering information to the FBI on racist groups in order to gain access to government agencies investigating racism.

Sadly, this is nothing new. In October 1991, the Los Angeles Times reported that a Federal Judge found that neo nazis formed a gang in the LA County Sheriff’s Department that committed terrorist attacks against minorities…with the full knowledge and approval of their superiors. They called their gang the Vikings.

In 2009, shortly after Obama took office, Wired reports that Daryl Johnson, a DHS analyst, tried to sound the alarm when he authored a reported entitled: “Right-Wing Extremism.” DHS repudiated him and, in 2010, dissolved his team…leaving him without a job.

According to the Intercept, most police departments don’t screen for hate group membership during the hiring process. In fact, when they’re discovered as racists and fired…they’re rehired by other departments…even when guilty of misconduct.

Further, the FBI admits that even when a racist police officer is identified by the FBI as a known or suspected terrorist and placed on an official watch list, they can conceal this officer’s racism from the National Crime Information Center database by designating that racist as a “silent hit.” This means that if any government agency searches the Database for white supremacists, that racist’s name won’t come up…thanks to FBI concealment.

While this database can potentially be one of the most effective domestic counter-terrorism and law enforcement tools the United States has, the FBI admits to undermining it to conceal racist cops.

When everyone became complacent during the Obama administration…white supremacists were silently gaining power within police departments around the country. If they’ve infiltrated police departments around the country…what other agencies have been silently co-opted by their racism?

Now racist police officers have more power than ever….they’re able to commit murder against African Americans and other minorities, without consequence. Oftentimes, they get a medal for doing so. As long as the FBI continues to help conceal known white supremacist cops and others from official databases, our communities can never truly be safe.

While the backlash to opposing this racism is pervasive, The FBI’s complicity demonstrates that the Black Lives Matter movement…even if I don’t always agree with their tactics…is every American’s movement.


Unprovoked Violence Isn’t A Progressive Value

One cannot discuss unprovoked violence without discussing genocide. Genocide is defined by as: The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

Why is this important?

Once African Americans achieved emancipation in 1863, racists were so terrified that they used any excuse to ostracize and kill as many African Americans whenever possible. Those accused of crimes were often murdered by racist gangs that often included police officers. Those who had differing political views were often gang beaten, lynched, or otherwise assassinated. This genocide was so prevalent, no one was immune. In fact, US courts have held the United States Federal Government directly responsible in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

African Americans were brutally beaten and murdered by racists. This happened because they believed in a political ideology that would eventually become the foundation of the United States Democratic party and progressive values. These values became so popular, they inspired many the world over to stand against oppression.

Standing against Unprovoked Violence inspired the passage of federal legal protections to protect various groups from discrimination of any kind.

However, since Trump’s Presidential Victory… some progressives have clearly abandoned traditional progressive values in favor of committing acts of unprovoked violence against Trump supporters.

A homeless black woman was brutally verbally and physically attacked for advocating Trump in California.

The Daily Caller reported a brief list of other completely substantiated attacks against Trump supporters.

Richard Spencer…a self admitted racist…was assaulted by a liberal while filming a documentary. In doing so, his assailant made this racist a hero by demonstrating how violent and unhinged liberals have become. As a Latino, I’ll never support discrimination against any group…but my beliefs require me to defend whites…even if they’re bigots…against unprovoked physical attacks.

That Spencer is a racist should be enough to discount him and anything he says…he doesn’t need to be physically attacked to make a point.

By repeatedly committing acts of unprovoked violence against Trump supporters, progressives lose the moral high ground with those on the fence while also losing credibility with their base supporters. Studies have shown that the greatest indicator in whether a child grows up to be a criminal is determined by whether or not they were victimized as a child. This demonstrates, contrary to popular belief, the oppressed can, and often do, become the oppressor.

One of the main problems is that too many activists and protestors refuse to do the three things that would put an end to much of the right wing bigotry in the United States. First, they refuse to vote. Without a vote, you have no say in who gets power. Secondly, progressives need to learn debate tactics more sophisticated than name calling, pleas for free-speech censorship, and other personal attacks. They need to learn the issues…on both sides of the table, so they can credibly speak out against them. Finally, they need to get a thicker skin…as long as progressives remain easily triggered and angered…they will fail.

The right won the Presidency…not because Trump was a better candidate. The Presidency was the Progressives to lose. Trump won the Presidency because he trolled the left’s identity politics until they became so enraged that they abandoned their progressive values in favor of exclusively defending identity politics. Had they stopped to think about this…for even a moment…they would’ve realized that in defending their core values and their core base of voters, identity politics would’ve also been successfully defended.

Here’s a map of the County by County Election results from the 2008 election:


Here’s the County Election Results for the 2016 Election:


Because the left abandoned their core values, many Obama voters…voters who voted for him for both terms…voted for Trump.

While many have called Trump supporters racist bigots, these election maps clearly demonstrates this isn’t the case. When you abandon your values…your supporters abandon you…it’s that simple. This mistake may have set back civil rights for decades.

If progressive values are to survive, then we must take a hard stance against unprovoked violence and other forms of bigotry…even when committed by liberals. If we don’t, Tea Party politics will continue to prevail.




Civil Rights Needs to Keep the High Ground

Recently four young African Americans were arrested for torturing a disabled white man. They broadcast their crime via Facebook Live.

They scalped a disabled man and streamed it live over the internet.

What these ignorant hate-filled criminals fail to understand is that racists will use this crime as a rallying cry to recruit a new generation of supremacist soldiers who’ll declare an open season of violence against minorities.

It’ll be their newest white supremacist recruitment video.

While this is a horrible consequence, it also represents a turning point in the American minority fight for equal rights and protections. You see, it won’t be enough for Black Lives Matters and other civil rights organizations to just issue boiler plate press releases denouncing these black racists. Activist leaders need to make a full court press to remind people they don’t endorse and, in fact, condemn…in the of strongest terms… hate crimes committed by all racists, not just the racism of white people. These should be in the form of interviews, press conferences and other actual appearances demonstrating leadership and compassion.

If they don’t, civil rights leaders and organizations risk of losing both credibility and the moral high ground they use to gain support for the racial equality movement. Once gone…neither will return.

Don’t believe me? It’s happened before…another movement lost their credibility and the moral high ground which cost Democrats the Presidency of the United States.

I’m talking about Feminism.

The Hillary Campaign committed electoral suicide when they allowed Lena Dunhum…one of Feminism’s national figures and self-confessed pedophile…to interview Hillary on nationally distributed video. Lena wrote an autobiography where she describes grooming her sister for molestation as follows:

” As she grew, I took to bribing her for her time and affection: one dollar in quarters if I could do her makeup like a “motorcycle chick.” Three pieces of candy if I could kiss her on the lips for five seconds. Whatever she wanted to watch on TV if she would just “relax on me.” Basically, anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl I was trying.”

In September 2015,…another prominent left wing media outlet…ran an article by Todd Nickerson, a confessed pedophile, entitled “I’m a Pedophile, but not a Monster.”

Neither Dunham or Nickerson received any condemnation from Feminist circles or from prominent feminist leaders…anywhere. Pedophilia is a form a rape. The opposition of rape is one of the strongest planks the Feminist movement. Yet… complete feminist radio silence…the hypocrisy is frightening.

Emma Sulkowicz claimed she was raped in college…Feminists rallied to her aid. However, after investigation by both the police and her college…they discovered that not only was there zero evidence of her alleged rape…but in fact…she was pursuing her supposed perpetrator for sex…not the other way around. Her false rape allegation gained national attention…she was the mattress girl. Instead of condemning false rape accusers like Sulkowicz, in June 2016, the National Organization of Women gave her an award for courage for her lie. The man she falsely accused is now suing.

In early 2016, Jian Ghomeshi, was found not guilty of raping at least three women after a lengthy trial in Canada. He was accused of raping over 20 women. In giving the verdict…the judge in the case said the following:

” At trial, each complainant recounted their experience with Mr. Ghomeshi and was then subjected to extensive and revealing cross-examination. The cross-examination dramatically demonstrated that each complainant was less than full, frank and forthcoming in the information they provided to the media, to the police, to Crown counsel and to this court.”

“The harsh reality is that once a witness has been shown to be deceptive and manipulative in giving their evidence, that witness can no longer expect the court to consider them to be a trusted source of the truth. I am forced to conclude that it is impossible for the court to have sufficient faith in the reliability or sincerity of these complainants. Put simply, the volume of serious deficiencies in the evidence leaves the court with a reasonable doubt.”

In fact, in February 2016, Diane Mehta wrote in City News that Ghomeshi’s accusers exchanged around 5000 emails before and after going to the police. Upon cross examination by Ghomeshi’s attorneys, it was discovered the accusers were told to get their own individual attorneys and publicists. Apparently being a successful rape victim requires a publicist and personal legal counsel.

What was the feminist response to discovering Ghomeshi’s accusers were liars? They practically rioted outside the courthouse against Ghomeshi. However, his false rape accusers got no such condemnation.

False rape allegations like these are not only waste government resources…they set back victim’s rights and make it a lot harder for actual rape victims to seek justice. Yet, feminist organizations and their leaders were so silent it was deafening.

Today, one of the main feminist planks is the Wage Gap. It’s a subject that’s been discussed over and over exhaustively. In fact, if you were to listen to any modern feminist…you would think it’s a fight yet to be won…unless you’re a lover of facts.

This fight was won in 1963…over 50 YEARS AGO…when the President John F. Kennedy signed The Equal Pay Act into law on June 10, 1963. In short, it prevents discrimination in wages based on gender. It’s still on the books and never been legally challenged.

These are just a few examples…of many…of how feminist organizations and their leaders completely mishandled liars, fanatics, and others whose actions damage the female equality movement. Simply put, they’re text book examples how not to run an organization if you want to retain any semblance of credibility and moral high ground.

Trump is now our President as a direct result of the many major leadership failures of the feminist movement.

Minority rights in the United States are at an all time low.

If civil rights organizations want to keep their hard won credibility and moral high ground, then they NEED to denounce all hate crime and discrimination…especially if it’s within their own ranks. They need to condemn…in the strongest terms…those who commit these crimes as racists and criminals while renewing calls for unity.

If they don’t…they’ll be seen as hypocrites and bigots and we’ll all suffer.

Hold the Police Accountable for Hate Crimes at Standing Rock


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The Protest is huge…However, the proper response to resolve the protest, from a law enforcement standpoint, is to call the National Guard or the North Dakota State police. However, that’s not what’s happening at Standing Rock.

Local law enforcement agencies from around the country dispatched police officers to Standing Rock to back DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) which, according to Time magazine, is owned by the private corporation Energy Transfer Partners (ETP).

This is problematic for a few reasons.

Local law enforcement agencies who dispatched police officers to Standing Rock and every police officer who went to Standing Rock may be acting without any legal authority. You see, these police departments and officers were hired and commissioned in their local communities to serve and protect those communities exclusively. These agencies weren’t hired to protect the corporate interests of ETP at Standing Rock. If ETP needs protection…they need to hire private security.

While these cops may be legitimate police officers in their own local communities…they’re just private citizens everywhere else.

Fun Fact: Impersonating a police officer is a felony.

Further, do you think the citizens of these local communities would readily agree to prioritize the tax payer dollars used to employ these officers to protect the private interests of Energy Transfer Partners over protecting their local neighborhoods?

I don’t.

More importantly…each police department has different hiring standards and requirements for police officers in every local jurisdiction…Do you think Standing Rock police checked these visiting police officers backgrounds to ensure these foreign law enforcement officers met their criteria?

I don’t believe that either.

So in each case…each police department who sent police officers or material support to Standing Rock may be committing tax fraud…by virtue of using tax payer funds to promote the private interests of a large corporation…in this case…Energy Transfer Partners. This is a crime and in many jurisdictions, a felony. Many of these departments sent officers across state lines…for them, their actions might be a Federal crime.

More disturbing, since it’s primarily Native Americans and their supporters who’re protesting…this could be considered a hate crime, as they’re targeting a specific ethnic group as private citizens masquerading as cops. If minorities have to follow the law…so should the police.

These crooked cops should be held accountable in every way possible.

Every local community should inquire if tax payer dollars were used to send officers to Standing Rock and request a complete accounting. More importantly…have each department identify each and every officer who participated in this operation…whether they were a decision maker or an officer dispatched to Standing Rock. Since each police department is a government agency…all citizens have freedom of information rights to access this information…both locally and federally.

After finding out how much tax payer dollars were used for Standing rock…file a criminal complaint with State and Federal prosecuting authorities for misuse of taxpayer funds to further the interests of a private corporation. Each local officer who went from their local community to pretend to be a police officer at Standing rock should have criminal charges filed against him or her for masquerading as a police officer and any crimes they committed while pretending to be a cop.

In Federal Court…these tax payers should file a class action lawsuit against their local police department, Energy Transfer Partners, and any local police authority at Standing Rock to recover these misused tax payer dollars. This suit should also address any other damages that occurred as a result of the absence of these officers. For example, crimes committed in these local communities that didn’t get a timely response from local police departments because of officers dispatched to protect the corporate interests of ETP at Standing Rock.

At Standing Rock, every protester and their supporters should file a class action lawsuit in both Federal Court and in the International Court, to hold every police officer, police department, and those departments’ local communities accountable for civil rights violations…including violations of due process, hate crimes, and others.

Holding the police accountable for hate crimes against minorities is long overdue. Holding them accountable for Standing Rock will send a message across the nation that the police should be working for all people…not just the rich white ones.

How can you help?

Spread the word…the major media outlets have kept silent about most of the human rights violations at Standing Rock. The more the people know…the more likely the police will be held accountable for their crimes.



Are Tech Giants trying to Silence Opposition to Hillary?

Our smart phone’s internet connection provides us greater access to knowledge today than at any other time in human history. However, even though there’s a myriad of web sites sharing information, not all are credible. Some spread lies. Others, who claim non-biased objectivity, sometimes present information out of context, while remaining silent about information highly relevant to the subject being researched.

Large tech companies and internet providers have massive control over our access to that knowledge. If their users and customers cannot trust them, it directly impacts their business. So it’s important for these corporations to appear both credible and non-biased. For example, Google is so trusted that conducting a search online is often called “googling” a topic.

However, these corporations are run by executives with personal biases and motives. It’s important to remember that a tech company is only as objective as its management.

As Americans, our most sacred tenet is our constitutional right to freedom of speech. In fact, our democracy depends on it. In political discourse, all sides deserve an equal platform to speak so that Americans have access to all views before making political choices that affect the future of our country.

So when large tech companies appear to censor and purposefully limit our knowledge for political motives…it threatens every American’s constitutional right to both speak and to be heard.

Google’s motto used to be “Don’t be Evil.” Yet, Google has been caught censoring Anti-Hillary Clinton searches conducted on its search engine. SourceFed published a YouTube video that raises credible concerns that Google searches using their auto complete feature demonstrate both bias and censorship. While Google denies this, the video itself makes it clear there are legitimate censorship concerns here.

Huffington Post reports that Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has expressed deep concern during an open government conference about the Google backed startup called “The Groundwork.” The Groundwork is one of the Clinton Campaign’s largest vendors. According to a Bloomberg report in May 2016, Hillary’s campaign has spent almost $500,000 on their services since April 2015. reported back in October 2015, that former Google executive Stephanie Hannon is the Clinton Campaign’s chief technology officer.

While these facts alone are enough to question the objectivity of Google, Alphabet, and its management team, it gets worse. Google’s parent company Alphabet, has donated over $400,000 to Hillary’s Presidential campaign.

Recently, Facebook admitted it censored and blocked links to the Democratic National Committee leaks published by Wikileaks. Facebook representatives said that they were flagged as “unsafe.” While this might be considered a one-off mistake, it’s not. A former Facebook editor disclosed to Gizmodo back in May 2016 that Facebook routinely suppressed conservative views and even manipulated trending topics to inject some stories while removing others.

While Facebook denies this, claiming that it’s the algorithms that control the content, the Guardian published internal Facebook documents in May 2016 that destroys the credibility of Facebook’s denial. These documents show that of the 10 news sources considered trusted by Facebook, the majority of them are considered liberal news outlets and that it’s the editors, not the algorithms, that control the content.

Tom Stocky, who’s in charge of Facebook’s Trending Topics, the group that’s been censoring conservative news, donated the maximum amount to Hillary’s campaign back in October 2015. In fact, Hillary’s campaign is the largest recipient of Facebook political donations.

Just as disturbing is that Facebook has been suspending and threatening to suspend the pages and accounts of conservatives. In June 2016, the Gateway Pundit reported that the Women for Trump was threatened with shut down. When conservative activist Lauren Southern posted her concerns about conservative views being censored, Facebook banned her for 30 days.

The Washington Times recently reported that Twitter removed the hastag #DNCLeaks from trending news after the Wikileaks story had about 250,000 tweets when it was pulled. Breitbart, Bernie Sanders supporters, and Vocativ have recently accused twitter of censoring anti-Hillary hashtags.

And, now it appears that Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has been the victim of twitter censorship with what appears to be a shadow ban on his account. While I don’t agree with Trump’s politics, his views deserve to be heard.

While each one of these facts, taken individually, could be easily written off. Together, they demonstrate a very disturbing pattern of censorship of political ideas. As Americans, our political views vary across the spectrum from extreme liberal to extremely conservative and everything in between. However, every one of us is guaranteed freedom of speech under the Constitution of the United States. This includes protection from censorship by tech companies whose massive influence on public discourse can potentially alter the direction of our government.

Censorship is one of the hallmarks of a totalitarian regime. I’m deeply concerned that tech company censorship may constitute violations of federal election laws and may directly undermine our democracy.

Black Votes Matter

Black lives don’t matter…but the votes sure do.

I’m not a “berner” supporter of Bernie Sanders. However, as a minority American voter, his platform aligns closely with my politics. The first plank of his platform addresses income and wealth inequality.

As a minority, I can personally confirm that income and wealth inequality has hurt me and other minorities more than it has White America. In 2014, the Pew Research Center reported that wealth inequality has widened along racial and ethnic lines since the end of the great recession of 2007. White households median wealth is 13 times that of the median wealth of African American households and over 10 times that of the median Hispanic household.

You know, I keep hearing that minority neighborhoods are more violent and that minorities are more prone to crime. While it pisses me off…it’s true…but not because minorities have some magical piece of DNA that makes them more violent. It pisses me off because it’s a direct result of the racist income inequality minority Americans experience.

In 2002, the World Bank published piece in the University of Chicago’s Journal of Law and Economics called: “Inequality and Violent Crime.” The authors investigated the relationship between income inequality and increased violent crime.  What they found is that when income inequality increases…so does violent crime.

The violent crime in our neighborhoods is manufactured.

Oppressive and racist policies created a lack of economic opportunity and as people became more desperate to survive…they naturally became more violent. This relationship has been known in the United States since 2002.

Yet, not a single Democratic Presidential candidate in the last 20 years, prior to Bernie, has his experience in fighting income inequality or the racism that continues to promote it. Bernie not only demonstrated on the streets, shoulder to shoulder with minorities, he took his beliefs with him to the Congress and continued the fight.

Bernie’s fight for equality is our fight. Minorities can no longer afford to tolerate some groups being more equal than others while our causes continue to be ignored.

Everyone’s touting Hillary as the Black Lives candidate. Yet, I have to ask: when has she allowed Black Lives Matters members to speak at any event she’s attended? Further, Hillary’s true colors were embraced back in 1994 when she supported a controversial crime bill that continues to hurt minorities today. Hillary referred to minority children in gangs “super predators” who need to be brought to heel.

While everyone seems nostalgic about how wonderful former President Clinton was, Former NAACP president Ben Jealous, back in April 2016, called for Clinton to apologize for welfare policies that caused “twice as many Americans living in extreme poverty as we did 20 years ago.”

Black lives in America haven’t improved, they’ve suffered under corporately sponsored racist policies.

Sure, you may tell me about Hillary parading the “Mothers of the Movement” on the stage at the DNC, or her tweets in support of minority lives…but those things are just cheap theater meant to gain votes…not protect lives. On the ground, Hillary cannot point to a single action she’s taken to support protecting black lives…she’s all talk.

If Hillary truly supported Black Lives, her campaign would’ve already created speaking events where she would go to ground zero and condemn police brutality and racist murders of Black Americans.

Almost all of us who live the minority American experience daily have seen systemic racism prevent us from succeeding in both education and the workforce. The Democratic party tells us they will fight for our rights and provide us with true equality. However, they can’t even run their own primary campaign without dirty tricks right out of the racist GOP and Big Business playbooks.

Wikileaks demonstrated the DNC colluded with major media and the Clinton Campaign to set up Bernie Sanders to fail. Clinton even had moles in the Sanders campaign. Further, Sanders actually won the first delegate roll call at the DNC, but it was suppressed. At least one Sanders Delegate had his credentials stripped for opposing TPP. Sanders supporters even reported that their pro Sanders signs were seized by DNC officials.

Now a report from Election Justice USA, “Democracy Lost, A Report on the Fatally Flawed 2016 Democratic Primaries” found that Sanders lost 184 delegates due to Election Fraud.

All of these facts amount to violations of Federal election laws.

Sanders and his supporters now know what it’s like to be subjected to the  discrimination that minority Americans in the United States live with daily. So while Obama says Don’t boo, Vote, my response to Obama is: We tried that, and your party silenced us.

To the rest of you: This is the civil rights fight of our generation and now is the time to act. Make your voices heard both on social media and in the streets. Contact your elected officials and call for them to condemn the corrupt Democratic National Convention and the rigged primaries.

For myself, I started a petition for Hillary to concede the nomination to Sanders, as he should’ve won. I’m not saying everyone should support Sanders…but we should support the rightful victor.

You can view it here.

It’s time for all of us to stand up and protect our Democracy, because if we don’t, no one will.







Justifiable Retaliation?

Some people say the recently police killings started a race war.

They’re right.

Before…it was just one-sided racially inspired violence toward minorities…now that they’ve decided to fight back…it’s transformed into war.

In 2014, USA Today analyzed FBI data for a seven year period ending in 2012 and found black men are killed, on average, twice a week by law enforcement in the United States. This data was provided by about 750 different law enforcement agencies across the country.

At times like this, I’m reminded of the saying that all evil people need to succeed is for good people to stand by and do nothing. While there’s a lot of good cops in our communities who have a genuine interest in protecting and keeping us safe, as long as they refuse to protect us against their rogue brothers and sisters, they remain part of the problem.

In February 2015, FBI director Comey underscored law enforcement’s systemic racism in his “Hard Truths” speech given to Georgetown University:

“Let me start by sharing some of my own hard truths:

First, all of us in law enforcement must be honest enough to acknowledge that much of our history is not pretty. At many points in American history, law enforcement enforced the status quo, a status quo that was often brutally unfair to disfavored groups. It was unfair to the Healy siblings and to countless others like them. It was unfair to too many people.

I am descended from Irish immigrants. A century ago, the Irish knew well how American society—and law enforcement—viewed them: as drunks, ruffians, and criminals. Law enforcement’s biased view of the Irish lives on in the nickname we still use for the vehicles we use to transport groups of prisoners. It is, after all, the “paddy wagon.”

He went on to state:

“Much research points to the widespread existence of unconscious bias. Many people in our white-majority culture have unconscious racial biases and react differently to a white face than a black face. In fact, we all, white and black, carry various biases around with us”

When considering all the facts objectively, I have to ask…and I mean seriously…how long did racist police officers think they could continue discriminating against minorities before their targets started retaliating against racist law enforcement policies and racist officers directly?

It wasn’t a matter of if…it was a matter of when.

Don’t get me wrong…if someone’s committing a crime and they get shot by a cop…it’s easier to prove that shooting was potentially justified. However, a traffic stop, and in any other case where there’s no resistance by a black man and cops initiate violence…well…there’s zero excuse for that.

If you read the laws…intentional killing of another human is called murder…not self defense. This is a very simple to understand law…yet, racially biased court systems do all kinds of mental and legal gymnastics to excuse police officer’s racially motivated murders of innocent civilians…even though, in many cases, these minorities were never even suspected of being guilty of a crime.

Further, as a martial artist with a security background, you cannot tell me that law enforcement’s only method of defending themselves is their sidearm. They’re trained in hand-to-hand melee combat, both unarmed and armed. They’re provided with steel batons, pepper spray, stun guns, body armor, cut resistant gloves and backup personnel to ensure minimal risk to their safety.

There exist plenty of non-lethal methods officers could use to incapacitate someone. Further, many officers are former soldiers, with additional combat training.

Yet, these highly trained officers…many of which are in peak physical condition…are so afraid of a black man…that their first line of defense when their feelings are hurt is to draw their weapon and shoot this innocent man to death.

This doesn’t sound like self defense…it sounds like murder committed by a PTSD-ridden psycho with no control of their emotional state backed by a legal system that condones such irresponsible behaviors through it’s complicity.

While I don’t agree violence is the answer, it’s clear that no one is interested in holding these racist cops who continually murder innocents accountable. So the more extreme of our population decided to respond to law enforcement in kind. They took the law into their own hands and showed law enforcement that they can be touched by shooting and killing them.

Further, because everyone has sat on the sidelines for so long and allowed these bigoted evil people to act out their racial hatred toward minorities, the streets will continue to be bloody.

You see, while Dallas may have been the first shots fired against law enforcement…it also served another purpose.  It showed the entire country that police can be killed on the streets…it empowered the streets to deal with the police in the same way that gangs deal with each other.

The streets have now realized they vastly outnumber law enforcement and the cops can’t be everywhere…more importantly…one banger can take out more than one cop. To their simplistic mind…this is fair trade.

The police need to return to a protect and serve attitude instead of this overly militarized, mirror-shaded, jacked-booted, oppressive law enforcement style popularized by third world dictatorships.

Unless our communities start holding racist cops completely responsible for hate crimes against minorities…it’s gonna get very real, very fast. Lots of innocent people…police and minorities alike…will get hurt and die.

Either way…there is going to be a lot of blood on the ground before this is over

So if you are a cop or you know cops…encourage them to hold their colleagues accountable for racial discrimination, it will go a long way to mitigating the coming violence.

If you’re anyone else…be careful. Most cops were soldiers first…their primary training is search and destroy…if you think they won’t shoot first…you’re naive.

The Cosby Lynching: A Sequel


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After I read Andre G’s response to my article regarding the Cosby Lynching, I considered not replying. However, after rereading it, I realized Andre’s response wasn’t motivated from a bigoted place of anger or hate, but rather ignorance. Based on his article’s numerous ad hominem attacks unsupported by any objective or relevant facts, it’s clear he’s approaching the Cosby Lynching from a witch-hunting “me too” mentality, rather than doing any independent critical analysis of the facts and reaching his own conclusions. This type of “me too” groupthink is very prevalent when discussing uncomfortable subjects. Andre isn’t the first person to adopt a false story at face value, only to find out later it was a lie.

While I don’t take offense to any of Andre’s misguided conclusions, he never challenged any of the following facts contained in my article, with the exception that it’s clear he believes Cosby is guilty.

  1. Multiple credible scientific studies conclusively show men are sexually assaulted by women at nearly the same rate that women are sexually assaulted by men. These studies destroy the false rape culture narrative purported by intersectional and radical feminists.
  2. Many of Cosby’s rape accusers have criminal records, mental health issues, or were drug users.
  3. Women rapists are often not charged for their crime…and when they are, their sentences are far lighter than men convicted of exactly the same act. Is this rape culture? hmm…
  4. Illegal party drug culture back then was far more socially acceptable than it is today.

Women who allege being raped without any evidence support their story should be rightly questioned. Here’s why:

Duke Lacrosse: In 2006, A stripper alleged she was gang-raped by college athletes. There was a national outcry as the public crucified the alleged rapists…only to find out later the stripper’s rape story was a lie. The players eventually sued over the false rape accusations and won. I know it’s shocking a stripper would be dishonest, but it happened.

Mattress Girl: Emma Sulkowitz accused a male college student of rape. It was investigated and later found she had a consensual sexual relationship with her alleged rapist and she pursued him…not the other way around. When the college and the police let everyone know she lied, Sulkowitz started carrying around a mattress in protest…in true Austin Powers fashion. Later, Sulkowitz doubled down on her embarrassment and made a porn video, released on the internet, “reenacting” her false rape claim. This young man eventually sued over it.

Wanetta Gibson: This woman falsely accused Brian Banks of rape. On her lie alone, he was imprisoned. Brian had been awarded a scholarship to USC for football and her rape lie shattered his dreams. She later admitted her lie and Banks was exonerated. Now in an act of humanity, multiple NFL teams are giving him a shot to try out for a spot.

Kobe Bryant: This NBA player was accused of rape and criminally charged…only to have his accuser refuse to testify. It turns out, his accuser was in a committed relationship at the time and cheated on her boyfriend with Kobe.

Brooklyn Gang Rape Claim: Last month a woman and her father accused five young men of raping her in a park. However, it turns out the father and the men had consensual group sex with the woman and the charges against the men were dropped.

Kesha: Kesha falsely claimed Dr. Luke raped her in order to get out of a music contract. However, she previously stated while under oath…on video… Dr. Luke never drugged her or made any sexual advances toward her.

These are just a few examples of the many false rape accusations out there. What do they have in common with Cosby? Just like Cosby, each of these men was witch-hunted and lynched (Metaphor: See Below) in the national press before all the facts were known. In each case…the “rapist” was found innocent or exonerated.

Now I’ll address Andre’s article directly.

Regarding Andre’s Black Men Conspiracy Theory: While there may be blacks who may feel compelled to defend Cosby, I’m not one of them. I’m not black…I’m Latino. Additionally, my article doesn’t address any conspiracy theories, whether legitimate or not. This appears to be a reframe on Andre’s part in a desperate effort to dismiss the valid reasons to support Cosby.

Regarding the Lynching metaphor: Clearly Andre doesn’t understand the term “metaphor.” If he did, he wouldn’t so desperately attempt to reframe my lynching reference so literally. What he’s missing here is that minorities are far more likely to get charged and convicted of crimes than Caucasians…despite the fact that Caucasians commit the same types of crimes at roughly equal rates as minorities across the country. Yet, they are charged far less, and even when convicted…their sentences are far lighter than those of minorities. Further, how much damage have these false rape claims cost Cosby? My guess is that it’s millions of dollars…or more than many people will earn in their lifetime. In that context, lynching is an extremely appropriate metaphor and I stand by it.

Let’s look at Andrea Constand’s credibility. Out of the 50+ women who’ve accused Cosby of rape…hers is the only one in which Cosby’s been criminally charged. Here’s undisputed facts of this case, as we know them so far.

At the time of the alleged assault, In January 2004, Constand was in a committed sexual relationship with another woman and had known Cosby since 2002. However, after the assault, she continued to associate with Cosby and took her parents to meet Cosby at a show in August 2004. There is no publicly available evidence that Constand ever disclosed her sexual encounter with Cosby to her girlfriend prior to August 2004.

The problem here is there’s zero evidence to corroborate Ms. Constand’s allegations. The testimony she provides is of an event that supposedly occurred while she was “semi-conscious.” Yet, her memory was intact. This whole scenario raises some very important and troubling questions: If she was in a committed relationship, why didn’t she tell her significant other of this horrific rape? Why didn’t she immediately report this to the police?

It wasn’t until January 2005…almost a year later…she opened a criminal case with the police against Cosby. Shortly after the criminal investigation started, the prosecutor decided in February 2005 not to press charges, because there wasn’t enough evidence.

In March 2005…Constand filed a civil suit against Cosby. Given the short time period(around two months) between the criminal case and the civil one, the criminal case may have been filed to support the civil one. Her civil testimony wasn’t a frightened woman recounting being victimized by a violent rapist to prosecutors. It was a story told after being well-rehearsed and prepped by her attorney during a lawsuit Constand filed to extort money from Cosby.

The other “Victims”:

Those few cases that were reported to the police lacked credibility to charge Cosby. Further, every one of Cosby’s alleged rape victims has lawyered up. Many of them are represented by the same lawyer…Gloria Allred…who keeps screaming in the press for Cosby to waive his defenses so she can sue him. This, of course, will give Allred a huge payoff if the case settles. So she and her clients have a huge financial motive to continue harassing Cosby in the press, especially since Cosby’s worth over $350 millon dollars.

So unless someone presents some real evidence, rather than unsubstantiated ghost stories alone…don’t believe the hype…it’s a sequel.

Now Cosby has started suing everyone involved in his witch-hunt in an effort to clear his name and hold his accusers accountable for their greed. If he’s innocent…I hope he wins.